Thursday 11 June 2020

Malabar Special Clam Fry/ Kakka nirachath

Malabar Special Clam Fry/ Kakka nirachath

Clam is a special seafood in Kerala. It can be prepared best in different varieties like clam pepper fry, clam masala, etc. This recipe is my mother's special recipe. She is very expert in cooking various dishes.

Clams are rich in calcium, minerals, and vitamins The cleaning part is to be done very carefully.

Wash and clean the clam very neatly. Otherwise some dirty will be there outside the shell. So carefully do the cleaning of the clam.

Then keep the cleaned clam in the refrigerator overnight. Then it will be very easy to open the clam.

Then using the knife open the clam and collect water coming from the clam in a bowl. Keep aside. The water from the clam makes the snack very tasty.

again wash the opened clam using normal water. Then dip into the clam water and keep aside to drain the water.

That time we can prepare dough to fill the clam.

Ingredient for filling

overnight soaked rice-2 cup
ginger -a small piece
onion - a small piece
cumin seed -1/4 tsp
grated coconut-1 no.
curry leaves
salt-to taste

By adding clam water, Grind them all together into a fine and smooth paste.

 If you want to tighten the dough add a little rice flour.

Fill the clam with dough

Cook them using a steamer for 20-30 minutes

After 30 minutes take it out from the steamer then remove the shell

Make a paste using chilly powder, cumin powder, pepper powder, and salt

Then dip each clam in chilly pate and shallow fry

Health Benefits of clam

  • clams have rich iron content and are good to boost your iron levels.
  • clams are rich in calcium and is classified as high-quality protein food that helps in the growth and repair of muscles.


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