Saturday 21 December 2019

Tasty Tea with Cardamom

Tasty tea with cardamom

Cardamom is a known spice to everyone. It can also be used to make delightful spicy tea. Cardamom is a pungent spice that is native to South Asia. Nowadays cardamom is commonly grown in Guatemala and Srilanka as well.

        Usually, I don't like tea. I like coffee, Horlicks, boost, etc. Once I tried tea with cardamom flavor. However, I do enjoy cardamom tea. Then nowadays I need my tea to be flavored with cardamom.
Tasty Tea with Cardamom
Tasty Tea with Cardamom

        We can prepare cardamom tea in two ways one is prepared with milk. And the other is without milk. Anyway, I like cardamom tea with milk. Here I am describing two ways of preparing cardamom tea.

Black tea with Cardamom

  • Boil the water in saucepan or teapot.
  • When water boil peels the cardamom pods and put it in the water.
  • Lower the heat to simmer for 10 minutes.
  • Add the required sugar according to your taste.
  • Remove from heat and strain the mixture into the cup.   

Cardamom tea with Milk


  • Milk 1 cup
  • Cardamom crushed 1 cup
  • Tea powder 3/4 tbsp
  • Sugar 1 tsp


  • Bring water to boil in a teapot on the stove.
  • Add crushed cardamom or cardamom pods into the water.
  • Let them boil for 5 minutes
  • Add sugar.
  • Then add milk.
  • After that add tea powder. Allow it to boil for some time.
  • \After getting strong you can enjoy your tea.

Enjoy your tea with biscuit............

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